Sunday, October 3, 2010

* Anson Co., NC Deeds

- April 21, Thomas Wade of Anson County to James Meredith of same, for 1100 pounds of proc. of North Carolina, three tracts of 360 acres north side of the Peedee. W. Terry, Mary Terry, Joseph Bretwell. Ack. July Court 1778. (DB Unknown, Page 542) KBD NOTE: Is Joseph a Braswell or a Fretwell?

- August 11, Britain Braswell to Joackim Hudson. Being 100 acres on the south west side of the Pee Dee on Pelhams Fork and adjoining Nathaniel Byby. The land was granted 14 Oct 1783 to Benjman Braswell and conveyed to Britain Braswell 1785. Witnesses were Thomas Lacy, William Benton, and Stephen Lacy. (Deed B2-35)

1787 - October 1, Nathan Braswell of Richmond County NC to Joackim Hudson. Being 100 acres on the west side of the Pee Dee and on the banks of Pelhams Creek. This land was granted to Nathan Braswell 14 Oct 1783. Witnesses were Thomas Lacy and Stephen Lacy. (Deed B2-37)

1789 - September 1, Joackim Hudson to Wm Hudson, being 100 acres on both sides of Pelhams fork adjoining lands of Nathaniel Byby and Nathaniel Braswell lands. This land was originally granted to Benjamin Braswell. Witnesses were Buckner Kimball and Hall Hudson. (Deed B2-270)