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* William Headen, Jackson Co., GA 1807

William Headen Senior of the County of Jackson State of Georgia being very low and weak in body but of sound mind and memory taking into view the certainty of death sooner or later and wishing my worldly concerns do make this my last will and testament hereby evoking all other will or wills by me heretofore made (that is to say) is my will that all my just debts be paid out of my estate by my executors hereafter named and what property I have bequeathed in the following manner.

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Jane Headen the act of land whereon I now live with the appurtenances, the tation tools, household and kitchen furniture, two Negroes wit Sam and Sary and my bay horse, three cows (her choice), the hogs remaining in the plantation at my decease to be hers during her natural life and then be divided among children, to wit, William Shed, James Robertson, David Robertson, James Turner, Henry Turner, William L. Brazeal who intermarried with my daughters, Wm. Headen, George Headen, Eli Headen, and Jesse Headen (my sons) bequeath unto Elizabeth Headen wife of John Headen, Salley Terrell my grand daughter five shillings each give to my son in law Allen Headen and my son Robert Headen five shillings each balance of my estate not herein disposed of will that it be divided into twelve equal shares with a sale if it can be done, but if my heirs cannot in the division of the property for it to be sold and the money to be divided into twelve equal parts of the said parts to my son in law William Shed, other part to my son in law James Robertson, an other part to my son in law David Robertson, other part to my son in law Henry Turner, other part to my son in law Wm. L. Brazeal theirs and their heirs forever, one other part to my son Wm. Headen, one other part to my son George Headen, other part to my son Eli Headen, and one other part to my son Jesse Headen to them and their heirs forever, the two remaining parts I wish to be put in the hands of my two sons William Headen and George Headen and to be by them disposed of as they may see fit for the use of Robert Headen my son, and my daughter Prissy Headen.

Lastly, I appoint my two sons Wm. Headen and George Headen my executors to this my last will and testament, In Witness whereof I here unto Set my hand and seal the 24th day of November 1807

Signed sealed and acknowledged his X in presence of William Headen X mark

Edw. Adams
Reuben Beavers
John Beavers

Jackson County, Georgia
Personally came before me Edward Adams, Reuben Beavers, and John Beavers and being duly sworn saith that they did see William Headen sign the within will and that they were subscribing witnesses to the same Sworn in open court before me Edw. Adams this 4th 1808 Reuben Beavers, B. Harris, John Beavers, Hendson, and George Cowers.

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