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* William & Britton Brassell, Jones Co., GA 1823

This Indenture made and entered into this second day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty three by and between James S. Tison of the State of Georgia and Jones County and William Brassall of Said State and county of Jasper, Witnesseth that the Said James S. Tison for and inconsideration of the Sum of three hundred dollars cash in hand paid hath this day bargained Sold conveyed & given possesion unto the said William Brassell a certain tract or parcel of land containing one hundred acres more or less lying in the state of Georgia in Jones County on the Ocmulgee River it being part of Fraction No. one hundred and ninty six in the twelfth district formerly Baldwin now Jones County it is more particulaly (sic) defined and described in this way,

Viz. It is all the land that lies on the lower side of the branch where the said James S. Tison now lives that is the branch that runs through the said Fraction No. 196 and is the dividing branch between himself and Jonathan F. Bridges bounded on the other Side by No. 197 owned by James Pruett having a Spanish oak corner cornering with Britain Brassell's land
from thence runing along the line of lot No. 197 which James Pruetts line to a past oak corner from thence running along the line of lot No. 189 untill it comes to the branch above mentioned then down the said branch as it runs to the Ocmulgee River from thence down the said river to Britain Brassell's land thencealong the s.d Brassell's line to the begining (sic) Spanish oak corner to have and to hold the Said land and premeises (sic) the Said James S. Tison for himself his heirs and assigns and all and every other person or persons whatsoever doth warrant and defend the right and title of Said land to the said William Brassell his heirs and assigns forever in fee Simple in Witness whereof the said James S. Tison have Set his hand & affixed his seal the day and year above written-----------------
Signed Sealed and delivered
In the presence of James S. Tison Seal
James H. Crowder
Benjamin Hammick
Wm Head J.P.

Recorded this 3rd day of February A.D. 1823
Edwin Bowin C.S.Cc

Jones Co., GA BK M P 221

(Transcribed from xerox copy from the original Land Deed Book. Court House, Gray, Jones County, Georgia by Judith Tyson Raymond 2001)