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* Randolph - Jasper Co., GA Misc. Deeds

Jasper County was created December 10, 1807 from Baldwin County, number 31 in the order of it's creation. It was originally named Randolph County. (The present-day Randolph County was created on December 20, 1828) A part of Jasper was set off to Morgan in 1815 and a part to Newton in 1821. The name was changed December 10, 1812. Jasper County was named in honor of William Jasper, who was an officer in Colonel William Moultrie's Second South Carolina Infantry, 1775. (usgenweb)

1808 - July 3, Mary Wilcher of the state aforesaid to Elizabeth Barnes of Baldwin County for $100 202 1/2 acres lot # 219 in the 16th District adjoining District 15 and lots 202, 220, 218. Surveyed 31 May 1807, granted 31 October 1807, drawn in the name of Mary Wilcher, widow. S: Mary (X) Wilcher. Wit: John McCoy, William (X) Brassell. Proved by William Brassell 18 May 1809 before Gilbert Bardin. Rec. 15 Sep 1810. (Pg 36-38)

- September 12, Neily McCoy of Putnam Co. to Jacob Brassel of Randolph for $100, half of lot #1 in 15th Dist. Baldwin Co. now Randolph, the line to be drawn so that Jacob Brassel will take a certain spring in his half of the lot and shall join the 16th Dist. and the other half & join lot #2. 101.25 acres. Signed: Neily McCoy. Wit: Richard (X) Braswell, Richard Odam. Proved by the witnesses 11 Mar. 1809. Rec. 3 Jan. 1810. (DB 2 P 57-59)

1810 - January 8, Inv. of Est. of Thomas Loyd, Junr., dec'd. Jacob Loughridge, George Nolen, Wm. Hammett, Appraisers....John Collier C.C.O.

Sale Buyers: Thos Loyd, Sen., Nancy Loyd, John Loyd, Wm. Leverett, Jas. Goodwin, Timothy Freeman, Daniel Beauchamp, Jerrey Loyd, Michael Moore, Elijah Cornwell, Absolum Stewart, James Love.

1810 - May 14, Estate of Thomas Loyd, Junr. Anna Loyd, Admx. Cash paid to: John Collier, George Noland, Washington Phelps, Thomas Carter, Samuel Wilson, Britain Brassel, Wm. Leveret, Jiry (?) Loyd, John Loyd..."boarding 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy." (Randolph-Jasper County Misc. Estate Records)

1810 - August 20, George & Mary, his wife, Butler of Morgan County to Jesse Thurmond of Randolph County $450 for 202.5 acres Lot 171, 19th District in Randolph County. Witnesses: Craford Owens, Samuel Braswell, John McCoy, JP. Recorded in Randolph County Jan 30 1811. (DB 3 Pp. 297-298)

1810 - September 25, John & Elizabeth Waldriff, his wife, of Randolph county to Henry Walden of Greene County $350 for 101.25 acres Lot 219, 16th District in Randolph County. Witnesses: William Brassels, James Richards. (DB 3 Pp. 131-132)

1811 - July 4, Samuel P. Dennis of Morgan County and Richard Brazel of same, $100 40 acres in the 19th of Baldwin known by pair of lot No 70 in So Dist. granted to Hen McKinnie and from said McKinnie to said Dennis. Samuel P. Dennis. E---- - Stroud, Jno Stroud, Thomas Dukes. Rec. May 17, 1812. Henry Walker Clk. (Pg 251-252)

1811 - November 18, Richard Brazel of Twiggs County Georgia to Jacob Brazel of Randolph County Georgia, $85 for 40 acres in 19th Dist. formerly Baldwin now Morgan, lot 70 in S Hunnicuts Creek...granted to H. McKinney & deeded from him to Saml. P. Dennis & from him to said Richard Brazel. Richard (X) Brazel. Wit: John Coots (?). Elizabeth (X) Coots (?). Abel Pennington J.P. Rec. May 17th 1812. H. Walker Clk. (Page 249-250)

1812 - December 10, Richard Sammons of Warren County Georgia and John Brasell of Randolph County Georgia $400 for Lot 2 drawn by R. Sammon in 15th Dist. of Old Baldwin now Randolph on Murder Creek, 202 1/2 acres, granted to said Sammon 18?? (Page 516 & need next page)

1813 - March 10, Nine months after this date application will be made to the honorable the Inferior Court of Randolph County, for leave to sell the real estate of Benjamin Kimball, deceased...(Signed) Robert Braswell, Adm.

1815 - December 21, John Brasel of Jasper County Georgia to Jacob Brasel of same for $23 part of Lot No 2 in the 15th Dist. on Murder Creek in Jasper County. John (X) Brasel. Test: Isaac Pennington, John (X) Waldrop. C.T. Traylor J.P. Registered Sep 13, 1817. John Willson Clk. (page 98)

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