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* William Brassell, Fayette Co., GA, 1860


Fayette County} June 29th 1860

In the name of God Amen
I William Brassell of said State and County feeling myself in common health and of sound mind and knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make this my last will and testament, in the first place I wish to commit my soul to the creator that gave it and my body to be buried in common decent form, And all my worldly estate of all and every kinds I wish disposed of in the following manner. I have eleven legal heirs, viz James M. Brassell, Sally Alford, Celia Cavender, John C. Brassell, Jabez M. Brassell, Delilah Moses, Martha Brassell, Phillip H. Brassell, Britton W. Brassell, Laodica Alford, Alsa H. Brassell. I have here to fore given to Sally Alford, James M. Brassell, Celia Cavender & Britton W. Brassell, sufficient to be their equal distributive share of all my worldly estate but I will at my death that my executors pay to each of those five dollars more out of the affects of my estate and I will that my slave property be disposed of in the following manner, Delila Moses to have Moses and her two youngest sons Philip Moses Hiram Drewry Moses to have Tilda to be equally between them when they arrive at mature age said Tilda to be hired out by my executors and all the proceeds or increase if any to be also divided equally between them. Martha Brassell I will to have Isaac, John C. Brassell to have Madison and Alva H. Brassell to have? Beeffire?, the balance of my slave property I will to be de???d of by lot amongst or between equally all my heirs except Sally, Celia, James and Britton and if they cannot be equally ?????? out I wish my executor to make each lot of equal value by applying of the proceeds of other property. Now after the foregoing distribution, I will that all my other property, lands, slaves, and household property except a trunnel ?Broadstrap? Begs? and furniture to be given to Alva H. Brassell without any charge, I wish all the balance sold according to Law and equally divided amongst all my heirs except James, Sally, Celia and Britton. And I do hereby ordain and appoint Thomas C. Matthews my int?? executor of this my last will and testament in witness of whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal the day above written in presence of us
William Jones}
Samuel T Rhodes?} William Brassell (sig)

Will Book A, Pages 195-198