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* Simmons, William, Madison Co., GA 1820

Page 13 ~ William Simmons
2 Sept 1820 ~ To my wife Patsey Simmons and my eldest son John Simmons, the tract of land where I now live containing 384 acres which I purchased from Jacob Burton Sr. and Volentine Brarel. (sic) At the death or marriage of my wife, the said land to belong to my son John Simmons until his death, then equally divided amongst my other heirs. Child's share to my wife if she marries. The rest of my estate to be equally divided between my other 10 children; Thomas Simmons, Reuben Simmons, Charles Simmons, William Simmons, Jr., James Simmons, Elizabeth Miller wife of William Miller, Sally Ford wife of William Ford, Nancy Catlet wife of Alsey Catlet, Polly Simmons and Patsey Simmons. From the share of Elizabeth Miller to be deducted $96; share of Sally Ford to be deducted $96; share of Thomas Simmons deducted $100; share of Reuben Simmons deducted $125; share of Nancy Catlet deducted $65; Exec: My wife Patsey Simmons, William Miller, Edward L. Christian, James Jones, Signed: William Simmons.
Witness: James Sewell, James Long. Rec'd: 24 Mar 1821, William Mironey, C.C.O.

NOTE: In Randolph Co., GA is a deed
Ezekiel Catlett to Jeptha Pickett. Lot #214, 4th Dist. Wit: Alsey Catlett, R. R. Pickett. Dec. 30, 1830/Apr. 24, 1832.

Edith Braswell wife of Jeptha Freeman and daughter of Valentine Braswell Jr. & Elizabeth Pitts, had a daughter Elizabeth who married Ezekiel Catlett. Edith Freeman & Ezekiel Catlet are living in the same home in 1850 in Habersham County, Georgia.

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