Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Braswell, Screven Co., GA 1824

1824 - May 1, Estate appraisal of Irvin Boyet ordered. James Lambert & Edward Boyet appointed administrators of the estate with Lewis Lewis & John Braswell as security. Purchasers at the estate sale: Howell Sasser, Edward Boyet, Willis Taylor, William Hill Hill, Seth Boyet, Elizabeth Jeffers, Thomas Womack, Joseph Dickey, Benjamin Womack, William Hill, Wright Cale, Lewis Lewis, Edward Boyet, Moses Larisey, Daniel Hurst, Hardy Scarborough, Jesse Morris, John Braswell, Thomas Womack, James Lambert. James Lambert as administrator filed the sale on 4 Jam 1825. Edward Boyet, administrator, filed on 14 Mar 1826 when outstanding bills were paid from the proceeds of the estate sale. (Screven Co., GA Wills & Appraisals, pp 156, 132, 98, 107, 143, 9, 199, 227)