Friday, June 26, 2009

Willis Breazeal & Daniel Overstreet 1786

State of Georgia} Pursuant to a warrant from the Court of Justices Directed to Thomas Lewis Burke County} Esqr. County Surveyor Dated the 3rd Day of April 1786 and Signed by Thomas Lewis Junr. Esqr. one of the Senior Justices for the aforesaid County I have Admeasured and laid Out unto Willis Breazeal (Residenture of the State aforesaid) a tract of land Containing one hundred Acres Situate and being in the County aforesaid adjoining Southwesterly By land granted to Elijah Breazeal Dec'd (?) And Southeasterly by land of Henry Baker and North Easterly by land of Wm. Scott and the other Side by land vacant at the time of Survey having Such Natural and Artificial Marks as above Delineated And Expressed Certified this 23rd Day of Oct. 1786 by
Wm. Ninson}
Daniel Overstreet} S.C. B.
Willis Wood D.S.