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* John & Alice Braswell (descendants & dna)

John Braswell, the youngest son of Richard Braswell the 1st and his wife Sarah is
documented with his brothers as a tithable in 1720.

1720 - April, Old Albemarle tithables in Capt Patterson Co. from Meherin Cr to Mehering River on both sides: Willm Braswell, Richd Braswell, JOHN BRASWELL, Robt Braswell.

After the death of his father Richard, John and his wife Alice had land dealings in Isle of Wight County Virginia from October 1, 1727 through November 20, 1734. By the latter date they had disposed of all their IOW Co., VA land, which included the meadow Sarah Braswell had lived upon, all of which suggests that John had returned to Virginia to care for his widowed mother until her death.

A single Bertie County deed attests to John & Alice's removal from Virginia after the death of John's mother, Sarah. Additional evidence is the close relationship of John & Alice's sons Sampson & William to Richard Williams in Bertie County.

1735 - April, Robert Evans to Nicholas Fairless. 60 pds. for 640 a. Adj. William Maul on KILLAM SWAMP at Treddle Keefe's corner adj. James Bons. Granted to John Cherryholme on April 6, 1722 now due Robert Evans by an order of council. Wit: JOHN BRASSWELL, Christopher Zehn. February Court 1735. John Wynns D.C/C. (Bertie Co NC DB D Pg 247; Nona Williams)

Thomas Mann owned land on KILLAM SWAMP referred to in his 1735 Bertie will, which mentions a grandson George Williams with George Williams Sr named as executor and witnessed by George Williams Jr and Charles Horne.

1735 - September 30, THOMAS MAN. Sons: John (my plantation and 640 acres of land), Thomas. Cousin: William Crawman (land on KILLAM SWAMP). Daughter: Mary. Grandson: GEORGE WILLIAMS. Wife: Bridgette. Executors: GEORGE WILLIAMS SR. and Thomas Busby Witnesses: CHARLES HORNE, GEORGE WILLIAMS, JUNR. CC John Wynns. Bertie County. Nov Court, 1735.

Several days later, George Williams Jr ordained his father George Williams Sr. and his brother Richard Williams as his executors in his own Bertie will, witnessed by Charles Horne, his sister's husband Thos Brown & Tho Andrews.

1735 - October 5, GEORGE WILLIAMS. Wife Margaret, daughter Mary Williams not yet 16 years old, Father GEORGE WILLIAMS and brother RICHARD WILLIAMS executors. Wit: CHARLES HORNE, THOS BROWN, Tho Andrews. (Bertie Co. NC)

The next four entries provide essential evidence of the relationships of the family of George & Joanna Williams. Note that George Jr. (above) is not mentioned. Richard Williams is the father of Christian Williams who married John & Alice Braswell's son Sampson, and had a close relationship with Sampson's brother William.

1739 - RICHARD WILLIAMS and Thomas Williams orphans of Geo. Williams deced. produced a Rezeneation (?) from Joanna Williams Relict widow of the sd. Deced. of her Right of Admon to ye sd. st.? of her to them whereupon Admon is Grantd. them Joyntnelly on the sd. Estate they giving Secty in the sum of L3000: Currency. rd. 40/. (Bertie Co., NC Court Minutes)

1739 - August 15, George Williams' inventory by RICHARD WILLIAMS and Thomas Williams. On 8 Nov 1739, his estate was divided among his (unnamed) widow who received negro Sara; Thomas Williams, Roger Williams, and Mary Harrell who received (between the three of them) negroes Buckiah and Jacob; Richard Williams, Eliza Williams and JEAN BROWN, who received (between the three of them) Mingo and Will. Division overseen by John Harrell, Thomas Hart and John Hart.

1740 - May 10, RICHARD WILLIAMS to JEAN BROWN 12 pds for 200 A. Jane Brown "formerly wife of Thomas Brown Dec'd....I do make over to her lawful son Arthur Brown..." Part of a tract containing 640 A which GEORGE WILLIAMS bought of Richard Melton. Adj Benjamin Forman, Jean Brown, Richard Melton. Witnesses: John Winns, J. Hollbrock. May Court 1740 (BK F PG 101)

1747/8 - January 12, Joana Williams, Grand-Sons SIMON WILLIAMS and Arthur Brown, grand-daughters Mary Smith, Penelope Williams, Mary Harrell, grand-son Jesse Harrell, daughter Elisa Smith, SONS RICHARD and Thomas Williams Exrs. Test, Jno. Harrell, Esther Chittam. (Bertie Co., NC) Nov. 19th, 1748

The following record provides an approximate death date for John when his orphan son William Braswell was in the care of Christian Williams' father Richard. Presumably Alice was already gone by then. Christian would later marry William Braswell's brother, Sampson. No doubt John and Alice named their son William after John's deceased brother William (d.1720/21 Chowan).

1744 - Feb. WILLIAM BRASWELL listed as an orphan, 14 years old, committed to the care of RICHARD WILLIAMS. (Carey Bracewell)

In 1756 Richard Williams of Bertie County receives a 390 acre grant on "Mocason Creek".

1756 - November 20, John Earl Granville to RICHARD WILLIAMS, planter, Bertie Co for 3 shillings proc money, a tract on both sides Mocason Creek beginning at a red oak on the north side of the said creek then north 260 poles to the center of three pines then west 240 poles to a maple in the said creek then south 260 poles to a pine then east 240 poles to the first station, containing 390 acres, signed Granville by Fras Corbin, Ben Wheatley, wit John Haywood, W. Churton.( Edge. Co. Halifax Db 6, page 178, deed date 20 Nov 1756, recorded May Ct 1757 CTC)

In 1761 Richard Williams bequeathed unto his daughter Christian Brazell a plantation.

1761 - September 28, RICHARD WILLIAMS: Wife Mary. Sons Richard, Benjamin, George, REUBEN, SIMON. To my Daughter CHRISTIAN BRAZELL to her and her heirs for ever ye plantation whereon she now lives, Daughters Sarah Williams, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary. Extrs: Wm Andrews, Arthur Brown. Wit: Henry Abbott, Arthur Bell, Will (?) Holland. (Bertie Co. NC Loose Papers, Estate Box, N.C. State Archives)

In 1764 & 1769 Sampson & Christian Bracewell sold land on "Mochason Creek" that had been granted to Richard Williams Nov 11, 1756.

1764 - January 25, SAMPSON BRASWELL to Pettipool Massey of Edgecombe County, for 20 pounds, 100 acres in Johnston County "on north side of Mochason Creek" part of a 390 acre grant to RICHARD WILLIAMS dated November 11, 1756. "CHRISTIAN BRASWELL relinquishes her dowry & right of thirds." Witnesses: William James, William Massey, John Massey (p.11)

1769 - February 28, SAMPSON (X) BRACEWELL and CHRISTIAN (X) BRACEWELL of Johnston County to Pettipool Massey of same, for 50 pounds, 290 acres, "it being the remainder of a tract granted to RICHARD WILLIAMS by Earl Granville November 11, 1756....on Moconson Creek" (p. 11)

William Oen Medlen proved at least one of the deeds in Johnston County and then appears on the 1771 Surry County NC tax list as does Sampson Braswell.

Johnston Co. NC Bk II Court Minutes 1767 -1777 Pg. 34-35 Deeds proven include: SAMPSON BRASWELL and CHRISTIAN BRASWELL to Pettipool Massey..said CHRISTIAN BRASWELL was privately examined, and relinquished her right of Dower agreeable to Law. Proven by WILLIAM OEN MEDLIN

"Surry (North Carolina) List of Taxables for 1771, for the Clerk of the House of Burgess's" (These were in alphabetical order, as all, which are either incomplete, illegible or missing in many instances until 1777)


In 1772 Sampson has 2 polls which suggests he had a son at least age 16.

The 1772 list included:
SAMPSON BRAZIEL (sic), 2 polls;

In 1774, we find that Sampson Braswell is living close to Jesse Gordon.

1774 Surry Co. NC Martin Armstrong's List: (in this order, Gayle Ellison)
David Gorden and son JESSE GORDEN 2 poles
John Brown 1 poll
Joseph Coaker 1 poll

1778 - May 12, DAVID JORDAN (sic) vs SAMPSON BRASWELL (Gayle Ellison)

Next we find that Sampson has moved to Wilkes Co., Georgia.

GEORGIA record
When Paid.....Grantees Names........Acres..County...By Whom Paid
Jun 3,1778...SAMPSON BRASELL...350.....Wilkes....B. Lamar

Meanwhile, back in Surry County, North Carolina, evidence emerges of a cabin already built by a presumably grown and no doubt married Frederick Braswell, believed to be the son of Sampson Braswell & Christian Williams, and the extra poll in Sampson's household in 1772.

1778 – July 16, No. 286, JOSEPH HARRISON enters six hundred & forty acres of land in Surry County, lying on both sides of the south fork of Parker's Creek, beginning at a scrub oak at Sash's corner, including his own Improvement, the cabbin built by FREDERICK BRASWELL & the Improvement & cabbin of Thomas Hughes for compliment. (Surry Co. North Carolina LDS microfilm)

The next 2 enties are further documentation of Sampson & his previous homes of (1) Johnston Co., NC as a purchaser at the estate sale of Dempsey Hinton [a connection noticed by one of our Georgia cousins] (2) Surry Co., NC and his connection to Jesse Gordon.

1779 - November 19, The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County HINTON, D. Sale of estate. Purchasers Wm. Bailey, Thos. Joyner, Spencer Crane, Geo. Barber, ELIJAH CLARKE, JOB HINTON, Chas. Bedingfield, Thos. Conel, Holman Freeman, Jr., John Seers, Drury Cade, Geo. Tillett, Henry Dukes, Hardy Newsom, Richard Austin, Henry Williams, Mark Phillips, Peter Edwards, Richard Aycock, Thos. Wilborn, SAMPSON BRASELL, John Stewart, David Thirman, John Burks, Gibson Clark, William Wilder, Julius Howard, HARDY HINTON, John Freeman, James Freeman, John Glass, Jr. [WILKES CO., GA Book of Mixed Records, Wills, Administrations and Deeds--1777-1778 Folio 76-78]

1781 - The Early Records of GEORGIA, Volume II, Wilkes County Minutes of First Court Memorandum of Beef killed for the Public Dec. 25. Joshua Glass 45 1/2 bus. Corn for CAPT. GUNNELLs Station. Col. John Cunningham 1 bus corn. Col. ELIJAH CLARK 16 bus corn for Col. Littles Station. Killed for the use of the Station Dec. 1781 several cows of Cilas Pace, Zachariah Lamar 2 bus. Corn. Mrs. Beard 2 bus. Corn. Sarah Waters 2 bus. Corn. Mrs. Perkins 1 bus. Corn. Stephen Heard 2 bus. Corn. Col. Clark 6 1/2 bus. Corn. Killed at GUNNEL Station cows belonging to Col. CLARK, H. Freeman, Jas Martin, Jas. Young, JOB HINTON, Jas. Goldwire, Isaiah Goldsby, SAMPSON BRASILL, Samuel Ryly, Sr., (???) Tidwell, JESSE GORDIN, CAPT. GUNNELL, (???) Tillet, Chas. Bennefield, Jane Patten. Ben Pack and Wm. West.

Meanwhile back in North Carolina Frederick is documented in Wilkes County, which was created in 1778 from Surry.

1781 - May 11, FREDERICK BRASSEL 100 acres "begining at a red oak on JOHN SHEPHERDS line Runing up both Sides of the lane Branch for Compt" #1928 (Wilkes County Land Entries 1778-1781 - North Carolina Archives - from Carey Bracewell.)

1781 - May 11, FREDERICK BRASSEL 50 acres "Begining at pine so as to include the Redys River Meeting house for Compt". Marginal note: "Transfered to JAMES SHEPHERD" #1929. (Wilkes County Land Entries 1778-1781 - North Carolina Archives - from Carey Bracewell)

1781 - June 5, FREDRICK BRAZZEL 50 acres "on the waters of Reddys River lying between the lines of JOHN SHEPHERD & John Robins Jur Begining & runing so as to include all the good land between them Lines for Compt." Marginal note: "Transfered to JAMES SHEPHERD" (Wilkes County Land Entries 1778-1781 - North Carolina Archives - from Carey Bracewell)

1782 - Tax List Capt. Rowland Judd District Wilkes Co., NC
FREDERICK BRISSEL - 50 acres, 4 horses, 1 cow- total 30 L
(The Genealogical Society of the 'Original' Wilkes County)

The Minutemen were all non-residents of Georgia at the time of their enlistments, recruited from other states. It would appear that Frederick who had stayed behind in Surry/Wilkes North Carolina is now moving to Georgia to meet his family & claim his bounty land for his service in the war. Notice that Frederick & Sampson's certificates are dated exactly the same, TWICE, that they were both MINUTE MEN, and that their land descriptions have the same adjacent property owners. (A check of all other certificate dates proves this is NOT a coincidence.)

1784 - July 19, BRASWELL, FREDERICK. Certificate of Col. Jas. Jackson, 19th July, 1784, entitled to a bounty of 250 acres. Prays for same in Franklin Co.

1784 - July 19, BRASWELL, SAMPSON. Certificate of Col. James Jackson, 19th July, 1784. Entitled to bounty of 250 acres of land.

1784 – April 1, FREDERICK BRASWELL. Certificate of Col. E. Clark. Enlisted in Batt. Minute Men for the defense of this State, though not an inhabitant at the time. Entitled to bounty, and prays for same in Washington Co.

1784 – April 1, BRASWELL, SAMPSON. Minute man, 1777. Certificate of Col. E. Clark, 1st April, 1784. Prays for 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co. . (Certificates of Service in the American Revolution on file in the Office of Secretary of State in the State Capitol, Georgia, compiled by Lucian Lamar Knight, State Historian and Director of the Dept. of Archives & History on GA GenWeb)

1784 - November 15, BRASWELL, FREDERICK. 287 1/2 acres, Washington Co., bounded N. unknown, E. vacant, S. Ed. Hall, W. William Baldwin, survey. Warrant 2307, p. 7.

1784 - November 20, BRAZILL, SAMPSON. 287 1/2 acres, Washington Co., bounded N. Edward Hill, E. John McLain, S. unknown, W. Wm Baldwin. Cut E. to W. by Shoulderbone creek, survey. Warrant 2992, p. 1.

1785 - The Early Records of GEORGIA, Volume II, Wilkes County
JOHN BRAZELL, 1 poll, 200 acres Wilkes Co.

Due to the fact that the records circumstantially prove that Sampson Braswell, son of John & Alice Braswell, married Christian Williams, lived on a 390 acre plantation on Mocassin Creek in Johnston County NC bequeathed unto Christian by her father, Richard Williams, sold it, moved to Surry Co., NC, and then moved to Wilkes Co., GA, it would appear that the Christian Brazell in the below record is the wife of Sampson Braswell.

1786 - February 6
John King
By the court of Justices of the County of Wilkes To Samuel Cromwell County Surveyor for said county, YOU are hereby authorized and required to admeasure and lay out or cause to be admeasured and laid out unto JOSEPH WISE ---- a Tract of Land which shall contain Seven Hundred and fifty acres in Wilkes County in lieu of an old Warrant of Two hundred acres of CHRISTIAN BRAZELL's and an old Warrant of five Hundred and fifty acres of said Wise's-------Taking Especial care that the same has not heretofore been laid out to any Person or Persons, and you are hereby also directed and required to record the plat of the same in your office and Transmit a copy thereof together with this warrant to the Surveyor General within Six months from this date Given under my hand this 6th day of February 1786.
H. Mounger JP
Benj. Catching C.W.C.

Transcribers Notes:
Henry Mounger was a J.P. He signed his name H with "ey" and what followed looked more like Pro, so I took the liberty of just making it H. Mounger JP

The following Reuben Williams of Washington County Georgia is the brother Christian Williams Braswell, as well as Simon Williams.

1795 - January 3, REUBEN WILLIAMS of Washington County, sold land in Nash County to SIMON WILLIAMS of Franklin County, North Carolina. (Deed Book 6, p. 132)

1830 - Claiborne Co., Louisiana. Mary, the widow of Frederick Brazel JR, and their son Russell, appear on the census. Russell is married with 2 daughters under 5, and Mary has 3 sons at home ages 10-20. The names of the underage sons are Frederick, Gordon and Hensley. Family legend reveals that:

(1) "The Brazzel family left Georgia to come to Louisiana." (2) "The father died in Alabama, and the mother Mary and children continued on to LA." (3) "The father's name was Frederick". "This information came from Frederick and his wife Denota Brazzel. Frederick (Uncle Fed as we called him) was the 15th child of Gordon Brazzel and the 2nd child of Gordon Brazzel and his 2nd wife Caroline Guinn. (Frederick 1867-1946, Denota 1882-1966) Frederick told his granddaughter Vyonnell Brazzel Vining that he was named for his grandfather. Vyonnell was also told by her grandparents of the family leaving GA and coming to LA. Vyonnell is now 80 years old, (12-9-08) and she has told me this story many times over the years." (CHLewis)

The above "Family Legend", apart from many others, is backed by records for a "Mary Brazeal Widow" does indeed show up in Louisiana and later census records reveal that her sons Russell, Frederick, Gordon and Hensley were all born in Georgia.

Mary Brazeal Widow Claiborne, Louisiana
Source: Year: 1830; Census Place: , Claiborne, LA; Roll: 44; Page: 240.

The pension application of Jesse Gordon confirms that he is the same man listed on the 1774 tax list next to Sampson Braswell in Surry Co., NC, and the same Jesse Gordin listed with Sampson Brasill and Capt Gunnell on Christmas 1781....which can only lead us to speculate about where Gordon Brazzel got his name....

1833 - September 2, Pension application of JESSE GORDON W13280.......personally appeared in open Court before the County commissioners Court of Jackson County Now sitting JESSE GORDON a Resident of Ridge settlement in the said County of Jackson - and State of Illinois aged 77...That in the spring early of the year 1776 he was a resident of the County of SURRY NORTH CAROLINA and he turned out as a Volunteer under a Captain by the name of WILLIAM SHEPHERD...In a short time after his said last mentioned discharge not later than the first of September 1778 he enrolled himself in a Company of Militia in the County of WILKES State of GEORGIA under the Command of Captain JOHN GUNNELS and joined the Regiment commanded by Colonel John Dooley and Lieutenant Colonel ELIJAH CLARK [sic, Elijah Clarke] and by this instrument subjected himself to be called into active service at any


Many thanks to all who contributed their records and expertise, some who wish to remain anonymous.

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