Friday, June 12, 2009

* Tabitha Braswell, Jackson Co., TN 1860

COX, NATHANIEL M. vs COX, ELIZA S. Circuit 1860


ANSWER: Eliza A. Cox to petitioner. Is true she and Petitioner intermarried 1832 in Jackson Co., where they resided since. Child a boy is under age 21. Denies petitioner since their marriage treated her kindly... whipped with switch and fist, frequently intoxicated, comes home in that condition, adultery with women of ill fame, Tabitha Heady has a child by him. She has used language as imputed; he used it to her. In January he had a barrel of whiskey at home, drunk, said he wished Tabitha Braswell, a woman of ill fame to visit him at home... she and her daughter objected, which shows he is not very particular about the morals of his family.

Respondent owned at time of her marriage two beds and furniture, one was sold to pay petitioner's debts; a horse, bridle, saddle, cow and calf, stock hogs and kitchen furniture.

Plaintiff had a horse, saddle and bridle and some cupboard ware. Since her marriage she has received from her father's estate negroes Pamelia and Mary. Mary was sold by decree and a tract of land on which she lives was purchased with the proceeds, title vested in William H. Botts in trust for her.

Petitioner is improvident... has advantaged himself of Bankrupt law after their marriage. The negro woman Pamelia has two children, Frances about 13 and Nancy about 12, born since title to their mother was vested in her.

Respondent has done many acts of kindness to petitioner... bailed him out of jail.

She has no objection to separation, but urges him to quit excessive use of ardent spirits. Should bonds of matrimony be dissolved, asks to keep property that came by her father's estate and other property. Also care and custody of their son Nathan about age 15... she needs his assistance as well as his society. 27 Feby 1860. s/s Eliza S. Cox

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Nathaniel M. Cox against Eliza S. Cox. Were married in Jackson Co, Tennessee 1832, lived in county and state ever since. He is provoked by her, she makes him miserable, uses profane language to him in front of their son... will not shock modesty of court by repeating. 15 Feb 1860. s/s N. M. Cox