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* Davenport, Isaac, Newberry Co, 1804

– March the 25th 1804 Received of ELIZABETH DAVENPORT five pounds and five shillings and six pence part of my legesee Received by one VALENTINE BRASWELL (handwritten document from KBD)

1805 – Received March the 12th Day 1805 of ELIZABETH DAVENPORT Administrator 34$ 62 cents 5 mills in full I Say Rec’d By Me VALENTINE BRASWELL, ELIZABETH her mark O BRASWELL (handwritten document from KBD)

1813 – South Carolina, Newberry District. To the Honorable Abraham Nott, Esquire one of the Associate Judges of said State, the Petition of NING MULLICAN and SUSAN, his wife, VALENTINE BRASWELL and ELIZABETH, his wife, and others humbly sheweth that ISAAC DAVENPORT departed this life intestate being in his lifetime and at his death seized and possessed in fee simple of a certain tract of land containing 347 acres (more or less) in Newberry District on Little River adjoining lands of JACOB CROSSWHITE, JAMES THOMAS, CHARLES SCOTT, JOHN STEWART and others, leaving a widow ELIZABETH and children as follows, viz. EPHRAIM DAVENPORT, ANNE who intermarried with MOSES GIBSON, SUSAN who intermarried with NING MULLICAN, ELIZABETH who intermarried with VALENTINE BRASWELL, RHUGA who intermarried with JOSEPH GILBERT, KEZIAH who intermarried with CALEB GILBERT, DAVID DAVENPORT & RHUTHA (RUTH) DAVENPORT and two grandsons the children of REBECCA and WILLIAM STEPHENS, decd, viz. JAMES and ISAAC (both minors under 14) your petitioners therefore pray your Honor to grant them a writ of partition of the remaining part of said tract of land after the widow ELIZABETH DAVENPORT aforesaid shall have been allowed her writ of admeasurement of dower between the children and the said JAMES and ISAAC STEPHENS, the grandchildren of said ISAAC DAVENPORT, Your petitioners further pray that a guardian may be appointed for the said JAMES and ISAAC STEPHENS. Caldwell pro. Pct. (Folder A-13. Some Early Common Pleas Records from Newberry District)

Summons dated the fourth Monday in March 1813

Plat of a tract in Pendleton District on waters of Huricane Creek, a branch of Big Saluda divided in two equal parts, one allotted to ELIZABETH BRAZWELL and the other to JAMES and ISAAC STEPHENS dated 10 May 1814 by Marmaduke Coate D.S. Adjacent land owners HENRY GREEN, WILLIAM FERRELL, BENJAMIN CLARDY

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